Jane Mallick PhD

Yoga Teacher, Transition Coach and Mentor



Jane Mallick PhD

Yoga Teacher, Transition Coach and Mentor



From Overwhelm to Ease…

Daily life can be demanding, leaving us depleted and exhausted. Having a yoga practice can help us move from overwhelm to ease.

Personalised offerings of nourishing feminine yoga and guidance to align with your life’s purpose. 

Online Yoga with Jane

Nourishing and empowering feminine yoga from the comfort of your own home.

Online yoga courses guiding you to cultivate your very own personal devotional feminine home yoga practice. Learn about the goddess of yoga and Lunar Yoga.

In-Person Yoga with Jane

Treat yourself to in-person yoga classes, workshops or retreats in Central Victoria.

Practicing with others can be nourishing and connecting and provide you with guidance and inspiration on your yoga journey

Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching and mentoring programs/sessions tailored to your needs.

Career transition coaching to help you align with your souls purpose.

Devotional home yoga mentoring to help you create your own personalised home yoga practice.

Hi I’m Jane

After a successful career in social health research and educational studies, I found myself at a midlife health crisis point, and turned to yoga for healing.

I’m a dedicated and passionate yogini who has been practicing yoga for almost forty years and teaching for ten.

I’m inspired by the divine feminine to share the teachings that have helped me, by supporting others, many who find themselves in similar midlife transitions, to create a life of ease, grace and full potential.

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What client’s say about my offerings…

“Insightful & Empowering”

“Yoga with Jane is such a restorative, pleasurable and insightful experience. Now she is online, it means I can do yoga in my own space, when I want. It is so empowering to practice with the goddesses, who represent all the different experiences and feelings we can go through.”

Eva Whyte

“Heartfelt & Intuitive”

“Coaching with Jane broadened my perspective of what’s possible. Jane empowered me to design my life to fit me, in all areas in an interconnected way – work-wise, socially & in my health. I was feeling stuck and seeing Jane helped me move forward. Jane was flexible and adapted the session to my needs in a purposeful & heartfelt, intuitive way. Healing occurred in this process. The benefits have been far-reaching & are still continuing beyond what I had anticipated.”

Jane McCue

“Soothing & Supportive”

“Jane’s Yoga is grounding, soothing and supportive. I first experienced Jane’s coaching when I was dealing with significant health issues and was so inspired by the simplicity of what Jane showed me including simple postures that I could practice at home. It gave me the confidence to continue on my journey exploring the many benefits of yoga!

Nikki Valentini

Latest Inspiration

Be inspired by my observtions and reflections about yoga.

The gift of menopause: a holistic approach

The gift of menopause: a holistic approach

Menopause is a natural rite of passage for women.  However, in our modern-day cultures, many women can experience great discomfort and challenge through this phase of their lives. In my latest blog, I explore this phenomenon and share with you the potential gifts of menopause and my passion for a holistic approach to menopause including yoga, and how we can not only manage, but thrive through menopause.

30-minute yin yoga practice to harness the gift of winter

30-minute yin yoga practice to harness the gift of winter

Winter is the season of introspection, hibernation, and surrender. It is a perfect time of year to practice yin yoga. In my latest blog I describe what is yin yoga; it’s benefits; and I share a 30-minute yin yoga sequence for you to do at home this winter.

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