Online Yoga Courses

Enjoy on-line yoga courses from the comfort of your home.

Designed to support you to cultivate and support your home yoga practice

Durga: 21-day devotional home yoga practice

I invite you on a personal yoga journey with goddess Durga, the goddess of inner strength, protection and courage.

Experience nourishing embodiment practices: asana (tantra flow + yin yoga), meditation, mudra, mantra, yantra, self inquiry, shadow-work and more! 


Lunar Yoga: embody the wisdom of the moon cycle

Enjoy a month of yoga and meditation practices aligning our yoga and life to the moon.

Yoga classes are a fusion of  yin and restorative yoga and tantra vinyasa flow. Audio meditation and yoga nidra.


Seasonal Living: Yin Yoga

Align your life and wellbeing to the season of the year with these yin yoga and lifestyle courses.

Yin yoga can support and harmonise the meridians, bringing benefits to your health, well-being, energy levels and vitality.

Each course is be designed according the 5-elements and the energetics of the seasons.

Launching 2022

Launching 2022