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Terms and Conditions

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Your access to and use of this website, as well as all related websites operated by Jane Mallick Yoga (which includes janemallick.com; (collectively the “Site”) is subject to the following terms and conditions (“Terms of Use”) and all applicable laws. By accessing and browsing the Site, you accept, without limitation or qualification, the Terms of Use and acknowledge that any other agreements between you and the Site are superseded and of no force or effect:

  1. Any content produced or delivered by Jane Mallick Yoga, whether verbally, hard or electronic form, including any content uploaded on social media (Content), is presented by Jane Mallick Yoga for the purpose of sharing health and lifestyle information for the benefit of public interest. The Content is drawn from many sources, both written and web based, at the discretion of Jane Mallick Yoga.
  2. The Content is in no way a substitute for independent professional advice. The Content is not intended to be used as medical advice or to be used to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any health condition, illness or diseases. The Content should not be used as a substitute for professional health advice or used for your own therapeutic purposes.
  3. Jane Mallick Yoga does not accept any liability for any injury, loss or damage incurred through your reliance upon or use of any Content provided by Jane Mallick Yoga
  4. Jane Mallick Yoga cannot guarantee and assumes no legal liability or responsibility for accuracy, currency or completeness of the information in any Content
  5. It is your responsibility to make your own decisions about the accuracy, currency, reliability and correctness of any Content provided by Jane Mallick Yoga
  6. Links to any other websites which may form part of the Content should not be taken to be an endorsement or a recommendation of any third party services or products offered by virtue of any information, material or content linked from or to the Content
  7. You unconditionally and irrevocably indemnify Jane Mallick Yoga against any and all damages and losses to persons or property, and all costs and expenses which are incurred by or claimed from you in relation to the Content and any involvement with Jane Mallick Yoga, whether through online videos and other social media content, website content, provision of services by or on behalf of Jane Mallick Yoga or access to any sessions, workshops or retreats conducted by Jane Mallick Yoga (Activity)
  8. This indemnity continues until the Activity creating the risk of loss comes to an end or you cease using the Content, whichever is applicable
  9. You expressly waive any claim of whatsoever nature (to the extent possible at law) you may have against Jane Mallick Yoga with respect to any Content or Activity and Jane Mallick Yoga may rely upon this provision in the defence of any claim you may bring against Jane Mallick Yoga
  10. All Content, such as text, data, graphics files, videos and sound files, and other materials contained in the Site, are copyrighted unless otherwise noted and are the property of Jane Mallick Yoga and/or a supplier to the Jane Mallick Yoga. No such materials may be used except as provided in these Terms of Use
  11. When you register with the Jane Mallick Yoga and/or this Site, you expressly consent to receive any notices, announcements, agreements, disclosures, reports, documents, communications concerning new products or services, or other records or correspondence from Jane Mallick Yoga. You consent to receive notices electronically by way of transmitting the notice to you by email.

Cancellation Policy

  1. If you cancel more than one-week BEFORE the start of an event, a refund, less a 20% admin fee, will be given.
  2. If you cancel LESS than one-week before the event, a credit will be issued to attend a future event (to be used within 12 months).
  3. No refunds are available once a course or event has commenced.
  4. If I need to cancel an event for any reason, a full refund will be given.


Last updated 1 September 2023

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