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    Jane Mallick
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    Jane Mallick is a dedicated and passionate yogini, who has been practicing yoga for nearly forty years. After excelling for many years in a fast-paced corporate career, Jane experienced a health crisis. She turned to yoga, and in deepening her practice found a powerful antidote for the many years of working too hard and fast. Jane is inspired by the sacred feminine to bring yoga to her community and support people to align to a life of ease, grace and full potential.


Tara Springs
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Sat Oct 2023


2:00 pm - 5:00 pm



Spring Goddess Yoga: a half-day workshop for women

I warmly invite you to my new half-day workshop Spring Goddess Yoga, where we will awaken into the delight and abundance of the season of spring with the wisdom goddesses of yoga.

Workshop Details

All women are welcome. No yoga experience is necessary. If you are unsure, please contact Jane to discuss if this workshop is for you.

Saturday, 21 October, 2023  2.00 – 5.00PM

Tara Springs, Taradale

Cost: $100 (Full) / $80 (Early bird 30 days before event) / Concession card holders receive an additional $10 OFF

If you are experiencing financial hardship and are wanting to attend this event, please get in touch to discuss options available, including contra/exchange of services. 

Before you book, please ensure you have read the Cancellation Policy.

About the Workshop

Welcome to this gentle and deep exploration of feminine yoga through the wisdom goddesses of yoga, we connect to the delightful abundance of the season of spring.

In this Spring Goddess Workshop we will invoke the goddesses Tripuri Sundari and Kamalatmika into our practice, the two Mahavidya Wisdom Goddesses who reside over the season of spring.

Through the practice of yoga and meditation and the exploration of the archetypal mythology, stories and symbology, we will experience the youthful playful energy of Tripura Sundari and awaken into the abundance and beauty of Kamalatmika.

An overview of the afternoon:

– Yoga asana: feminine vinyasa flow

– Meditation

– Journaling and self-reflection

– Sacred Women’s Circle.

– The workshop will also include a garden meditation and the hand-picking of your own Spring Posie from the gardens @taraspringslifestyle.

Your Teacher

After a successful corporate career in social health research and educational studies, Jane experienced a major health crisis and turned to yoga for healing. She is a dedicated and passionate yogini and has been practicing yoga for almost forty years and teaching for ten.

Jane is inspired by the sacred feminine which has been instrumental in her healing journey.  In 2014 Jane discovered the Mahavidya Wisdom Goddesses of Yoga who have been a powerhouse of inspiration, support and healing for her.  Since then she has been teaching with these goddesses in weekly classes, workshops, retreats and festivals.

Jane loves flowers and over the past 12 years has dedicatedly planted out many flowers and herbs in the gardens at Tara Springs. Her garden has been a great source of inspiration for her teaching with the wisdom goddesses of yoga, and is super excited to now be welcoming women into the garden and the new teaching studio.

What people are saying about yoga workshops with Jane Mallick

“Jane’s yoga helps me honour living in my female body. I’ve felt more energized and it has helped me explore my connections between my own female body, energy levels and lines, my heart, spirit, my voice and our connection with the earth. Jane’s teaching style is welcoming, warm, and compassionate and she’s lots of fun. I have loved the way Jane has incorporated goddesses into the practice. This has been very grounding, sometimes profound and sometimes hilarious in its reflections in our own lives. I come out of the workshops feeling connected to myself and to the earth.” Robin

“I have absolutely love Jane’s yoga offerings. They are nurturing, nourishing and deeply feminine and just what is needed in my sometimes hectic life. A place to unwind, be yourself and go deep within my yoga. The music and reflection on the Hindu goddesses just added another level and made my experience even more nourishing. Thank you Jane for your wisdom and care!” Alex


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