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    Jane Mallick
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    Jane Mallick is a dedicated and passionate yogini, who has been practicing yoga for nearly forty years. After excelling for many years in a fast-paced corporate career, Jane experienced a health crisis. She turned to yoga, and in deepening her practice found a powerful antidote for the many years of working too hard and fast. Jane is inspired by the sacred feminine to bring yoga to her community and support people to align to a life of ease, grace and full potential.


Tara Springs
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Sat Jun 2024


1:30 pm - 5:00 pm



Winter Goddess Yoga: a half-day workshop for women

Welcome to this Winter Goddess Yoga: a half-day workshop for women, a safe and nourishing space for women to tend to their grief through the wisdom of the goddesses of yoga.

All women are welcome. No yoga experience is necessary. If you are unsure, please contact Jane to discuss if this workshop is for you.

Workshop Details

Saturday, June 22, 1.30 – 5.00PM

Tara Springs, Taradale

Cost: $120 (Full) / $100 (Early bird 30 days before event) / Concession card holders receive an additional $20 OFF

If you are experiencing financial hardship and are wanting to attend this event, please get in touch to discuss options available, including contra/exchange of services.

Before you book, please ensure you have read the Cancellation Policy.

About the Workshop

Welcome to this gentle and deep exploration of the wisdom of yoga and how it can help us navigate grief, loss and disappointment.

On this half-day yoga experience we will explore the wisdom of Goddess Dhumavati, who is the grandmother and crone goddess of yoga. The archetypal stories and symbology of Dhumavati can help us accept grief and loss as a part of life, and through powerful yogic practices, transmute grief into compassion and peace.

“In our modern culture, we find little tolerance for the pace of grief. Within our tight schedules, times of crisis, grief and loss seem to take too much time. We get impatient. We think there is something wrong with us, that we should get over it, that things should “get back to normal. Turning to the Goddess myths, we find maps and frameworks of understanding that help us to stay with and honour the process, not as a detour, but as an important maturing and awakening into the death/life cycle that we are made of”. Chameli Ardagh

Grief is an inevitable part of being human. Some of us have experienced major grief: illness, death, and relationship endings; all of us have experienced disappointment and loss of some sort.

Grief can be a difficult emotion for many of us to navigate. Our modern-day culture does not readily support us in our grief journey. It can be important that we prioritise time and space to be with grief to allow the healing process to unfold.

Grief can have its own unique path for each of us, and we can be at different stages of our grief process. This workshop is an offering to meet us wherever we are in our grief process and to offer the opportunity to be witnessed by others in the safety of a Sacred Women’s Circle. You will also learn simple and effective yoga practices, that you can take home to deepen your personal growth and healing.

Through the practice of yoga and meditation and the exploration of yoga mythology and philosophy, you will experience a supportive space to be with your grief and learn practices to support you on your healing journey with grief.

An overview of the workshop:

– Yoga asana: gentle feminine vinyasa flow

– Mediation and Yoga Nidra

– Journaling and self-reflection

– Sacred Women’s Circle.

About your host

Jane’s personal relationship with grief has been difficult, growing up in a family where emotions, particularly grief and anger were not acknowledged. She has experienced many profound griefs in her adult years: personal illness and a major midlife crisis; cancer and chronic illness in her beautiful family; the death of both her parents, loss of friends to suicide; and an ever-present and growing grief to the state of the world and environment.

It was the discovery of the healing power of yoga that helped Jane navigate her healing journey with grief. When she discovered the wisdom goddesses of yoga, it was truly transformational for her yoga practice and teaching.

This workshop draws from Jane’s 10 years of immersion in yoga training and teaching as well as her BSc. in Psychology, PhD in Education and her extensive work experience as a leader of change in organisations.

What people are saying about yoga workshops with Jane Mallick

“Jane’s workshop is highly professional and deeply sensitive; she gracefully facilitates a safe space for sharing, personal reflection, and physical practice.” Robyn Gibson

“I absolutely love Jane’s yoga workshops. The preparation put into each workshop is evidence of Jane’s commitment and care. Entering Jane’s yoga space is like entering a safe womb. I love the slow breathing, combined with the flowing more active part of the practice, and then the blissful yin and meditation. Her workshops are a deep journey always leaving me re-connected back to myself.” Cindy Moussi

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